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The New Ford Fiesta ST will come to the US 2019

The New Ford Fiesta ST will come to the US 2019

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2019 Ford Fiesta ST
2019 Ford Fiesta ST

The New Ford Fiesta ST will come to the US 2019

Ford recently introduced a revised comprehensive Fiesta, but the news about the performance-oriented ST model is very absent. Apparently, the next Fiesta ST is still about a year to debut.

Waiting will be useless, according to an insider. Ford Fiesta ST will get the same face-lift with other Fiesta variants, and will receive a more aggressive body kit in an effort to stand out from the newly-launched ST-Line model (pictured) that shows more than going. . Two and four more models will be offered.

The Blue Oval will not deviate too much from the formula that has made the Ford Fiesta ST is currently one of the best hot scoring on the market. The revised model is likely to be run with a 1.6 liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine, but will be adjusted to expand more than the 182 horse it produces under the hood of the current model. It’s impossible to break the 200-horsepower barrier, however, and the engineer says it’s not necessary.

The more fun does not necessarily mean more power, said Tyrone Johnson, the engineer responsible for developing ST and RS Ford Performance models, in an interview with the Dutch publication AutoRAI. “Fiesta ST is currently not the most powerful car in its class, but it is definitely one of the best to drive in. That’s what we want to achieve.” Our goal is to build the best and best handling car in this segment. “

Johnson hinted Ford Fiesta ST will borrow some features from the Focus RS, although buyers hope to see Fiesta 4 wheels with drift mode will be disappointed. Ford’s smallest hot kick is expected to receive three of the four driver modes that can be chosen by RS riders. Each mode will modify parameters such as steering response and throttle and suspension firmness.

The overcrowded Ford Fiesta is currently not in the pipeline, though that does not mean it will not happen in the long run. In the end, he comes down to make money and set priorities. The Focus RS is more important to develop than the Fiesta RS, “said Joe Bakaj, Ford of Europe product development vice president.” Go forward, never say no, “he added.

2019 Ford Fiesta ST Pictures
2019 Ford Fiesta ST Pictures

Speedy Ford fans have had but a short wait in store for the latest generation Fiesta ST version. Heat accumulation is expected to arrive in the UK in early 2018 at a price below £ 20,000.

The previous generation Fiesta ST was present five years after the seventh generation supermini made its debut in 2008, but this time, details about the ferocious heat hatch made headlines before the basic version went on sale. ST made its international debut at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, where evolutionary developments made to the exterior were seen by thousands of visitors. The car on display at the event revealed major changes to the ST cabin in terms of technology and design. Perhaps more exciting for petrolheads, however, there will also be a new set-up under bonnet.

2019 Ford Fiesta ST Engine Specs

Surprisingly, the 2019 Ford Fiesta ST will, under certain circumstances, run only on two cylinders, as the new downsized three-cylinder turbo motor features cylinder deactivation technology. So is the large 1.6-cylinder turbocharged unit, and with a new 1.5-liter turbo engine.

Ford claims the new motor produces 197bhp – 17bhp on the motor output of the Fiesta ST, but is similar to the figure on ‘overboost’. The gain on the peak torque is clearly cut, the figure swells from 240Nm to 290Nm. In terms of performance, Ford claims the new ST will crack 0-62mph in 6.7 seconds, two tenths of a second faster than the car out and equivalent to the ST200 model that runs limited. The top speed has not been revealed yet, but above and around 140mph seems to be a safe bet.

Naturally, the downsized motor will be cleaner and more efficient than the four outgoing cylinders. Ford calculates CO2 emissions for this new model will fall from 138g / km to 114g / km and fuel economy should also be improved, both increasing thanks to cylinder deactivation technology.

Speaking to Ford Redesigns.com last year, Ford’s small car head in Europe, Darren Palmer posited the prospect of a three-cylinder ST, which called on a promising new engine. This is a great engine that sounds brilliant and there is a lot of torque when turbo starts to increase.

However, the repair drive does not just focus on what lies beneath the bonnet. According to Palmer, the European developer team at the Lommel brand testing facility in Belgium has been obsessed with the steering of the car. They have adjusted the calibration to ensure the drive is exactly like the Fiesta should. Palmer told us that Ford knew that this was one of the most popular superminis and wanted to build up the popularity of the nameplate, so “drove hard with the new Fiesta”.

The eighth-generation Ford Fiesta is still based on Ford’s global B car platform, but above the tweaks received by standard cars for improved grip, plus a wider new model trajectory, the ST chassis has been further tuned by Ford Performance.

As with previous generations, the torque transmitter unit can move to reduce understeer by braking the inner front wheels at the bend, and the new Fiesta ST comes with three selectable driving modes. Normal torque traction control, Sport and Track, throttle, power steering and exhaust valve settings.

From the launch of the new Fiesta ST will be available in three door bodies and five doors. In terms of design, it cuts a close look to the standard Fiesta standard on the ST-line trim, but with a front bumper and a slightly more aggressive front blade, a painted rear diffuser, and an exclusive 18-inch alloy wheels. New paint color options, Liquid Blue, also appear.

2019 Ford Fiesta ST Interior

In the new cabin, Ford promises a higher level of personalization than ever before. Interior styling packages will be available, offering alternative trim and finishing on items around the cockpit. From the technology side, the new Sync 3 infotainment system appears alongside a touchscreen display up to 8 inches. In harmony with good car hatching images, Recaro sport seats with side bumps of chunky pops up in front, and a flat sports steering wheel makes the cut.

2019 Ford Fiesta ST Release date and Price

Although the car has been revealed, Ford will not launch the new Ford Fiesta ST until early 2019, by ordering a book that opens early next year and delivery approaches the summer. We expect a slight rise to around £ 19,000 when it goes on sale.

The Fiesta ST will be introduced at the end of 2017, and production is scheduled to begin in early 2018. For us, that means it is unlikely to arrive in showrooms until model

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