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New 2020 Ford Expedition Diesel Redesign

New 2020 Ford Expedition Diesel Redesign

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New 2020 Ford Expedition Diesel Redesign
New 2018 Ford Expedition Diesel

New 2020 Ford Expedition Diesel Redesign

Both Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator will be redesigned for the 2020 model year, and share the platform with the Ford F-150. Like a pickup truck, the SUV has an aluminum body panel to lose weight and improve its mileage.

Both Expedition and Navigator will only be available with a 3.5-liter turbo V6. Each hybrid version will make a further difference with the competing Chevrolet Tahoe / Suburban, GMC Yukon and Cadillac Escalade. The regular GM SUV features a lightweight hybrid model, but this has been discontinued, and is only available with a V8 engine.

A recent report from Automotive News shows that Ford will introduce a gas-electric hybrid version of their full-size SUV during the 2019 calendar year. This large SUV can be labeled as a late 2019 or early 2020 model.

Ford Motor Co. redesigned the largest yet old-fashioned SUV in hopes of boosting sales in one of the hottest industry segments. The reshuffle includes a 2020 Ford Expedition that includes a slimmed-down aluminum body, an updated powertrain, deeper interior seating and 40 new tech features designed to make drives much more comfortable. Fetching full-size Ford family has not been played back and updated in 20 years, and while U.S. sales an increase of 44 percent by 2016, in recent years, has surpassed competitors such as Dodge Durango, Chevrolet Tahoe and Chevrolet Suburban.

Ford officials rely on a makeover for more competitive and dominant Expeditions in the large SUV market that grew 15 percent to 621,277 vehicles by 2016. This really sets new standards in this segment, says Craig Patterson, Ford’s large SUV marketing manager.

This is part of Ford’s long-term vehicle electrification strategy. Other parts of the report indicate that the next Ford Escape 2019 will include a plug-in hybrid model. We were lucky to catch what appeared to be a test pilot of the Ford Escape hybrid gas / electric prototype in the Colorado mountains.

2020 Ford Expedition Engine Specs

No details of the powertrain are available for Ford Expedition or Lincoln Navigator hybrid systems. Ford’s electrification broadcast plan states that the Ford F-150 hybrid model will provide sufficient towing capability and the ability to function as a moving electric generator.

It makes sense that Ford would choose a gas / electric hybrid system as the next step to get a more efficient boost, than the higher plug-in hybrids, all hydrogen or electric fuel cell systems. The road to electrification can eventually get us there, but the new powertrain option can not sacrifice too much of charge or towing capability in the larger SUV and pickup truck segments.

2020 Ford Expedition Interior

The interior has more leg room, by shifting the second row seat, and lying on the third row seat. Both rows of seats have a choice of folding power. It has twice the cubby space as a model and charging feature charging port on each seat, including six USB charging ports, four 12 volt voltages and a 110 volt outlet. The center console also features wireless charging pads.

2020 Ford Expedition Interior
New Ford Expedition Interior

Ford spans the wheel axle about 4 inches, giving enough space to fit 4-by-8 plywood if the seat is down. The back, which includes adjustable storage space, is also fitted with rolled lips so that loose grocery or soccer ball will not roll over when the liftgate opens.

It has a new electronic shifter with separate and similar knobs to switch between the drive modes. And, for 15 percent of Expedition customers who are interested on a weekly or monthly basis, Ford added the pro-trailer backup help feature found on its F-150 pickup.

Other driver assistance technologies include line-maintaining assistance, collision avoidance systems and 360-degree camera technology. The grille receives a complete makeover and now comes with a five-bar design where the smooth grille switches to the headlights without pause. The pattern inside the grid is similar to the current Explorer crossover.

Ford Expedition will be present in three trim levels: XLT, Limited and Platinum. XL version is only available for fleet customers. All trim levels are present in long MAX versions.

2020 Ford Expedition Release date and Price

Recently I explored the possibility of Ford Raptor Hybrid pickup truck in 2020 in an opinion / editorial. Probably, F-150 pickup trucks and large SUVs based on the F-150 will be the same as the same or very similar hybrid powertrain. Once again with the new Ford Expedition, this is speculation because details about the propulsion system have not been released.

Ford expects to load eight passengers who will be present with the best pickup numbers in its class and also increase to other strength figures, although officials refuse to offer special offers. Price and debut also not yet announced.

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