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2019 Ford Transit Connect Information

2019 Ford Transit Connect Information

2019 Ford Transit Connect Information – Welcome to the Fordredesigns.com site, if you want to finding information about the latest Ford car brand, then you are at the right website, here we will share information about the 2019 Ford Transit Connect Information ranging from; Rumors, Reviews, Redesign, Specs, Concept, Exterior, Interior, price, Release date and Pictures. We hope this website can help satisfy your search.

2019 Ford Transit Connect Information
2019 Ford Transit Connect

2019 Ford Transit Connect Information

You know, that Ford Transit Connect car is greatly underestimated by people. Most of them forget that this hybrid car / car object even exists. That’s too bad because this is one of the most functional vehicles around it.

This car may seem small, but it makes the best use of its interior space. The base wheel version is long to seven and has more interior volume than the Honda Pilot.

The side doors and large side doors make it easy to reach. Above and below is a spy image of the new 2019 Ford Transit Connect car. The form is instantly recognizable which means that the changes will be limited to the front, rear, powertrain, and interior fascias.

2019 Ford Transit Connect Pictures
2019 Ford Transit Connect Pictures

2019 Ford Transit Connect Interior

Similar changes will likely arrive at the Focus where Transit Connect is based. Imagine a new dashboard with Ford’s latest infotainment system and safety features. Drivetrain changes will be focused on increasing fuel savings but do not expect hybrid, electric, or diesel models, as cold as possible.

2019 Ford Transit Connect Engine Specs

Expect machines with insufficient cylinders, maybe three. Expect transmission with too many gears, maybe ten. Expect power to the front wheel only. Expect only small business owners to buy this.

I have a suggestion for Ford to make the latest Transit Connect by throwing the Focus RS drivetrain. Yes, a small all-wheel-drive, 350-horsepower van. Just think about it, Ford. as we all know 2018 Transit Connect is available in two wheelbase and with one standard powertrain. Available as a van or a short or long-range cart, the standard Transit Connector front wheel engine is a 169-hp 169-hp four-cylinder engine fitted with a six-speed automatic transmission. The sliding side and back door opening open are available with or without windows.

Both vans and carts are available with liftgate instead of the split-opening back door. Two-seater vans are available as XL or XLT and the carts are on XL, XLT, and Titanium trims. This long wheeled Titanium cart accommodates up to seven people with optional back seats. Standard features include side and front airbags, vinyl bucket seats, anti-lock brakes, remote keyless entry, and low maintenance vinyl flooring. XLT trims add power cooling mirrors, cloth seats, and LCD multi-function dash displays.

The Titanium Wagon includes second and third row bucket seats and improved audio. Ford Works Solutions includes Mobility Packages, Taxi Packages, In-Dash Computer, and a selection of interior shelves. Ford Transit Connect is a carryover for 2018.

The prominence in the small commercial van segment that won the Transit Connect award combines flexibility, functionality, and reliability. Transit Connect brings a unique and versatile answer for business owners who need a vehicle for delivery, service, or small work.

2019 Ford Transit Connect Release date and Price

The release date for Ford Transit Connect 2019 will soon be known. I hope for the middle of 2018 the price was already known to us. Thanks a lot for this exclusive photo for Colorado-based spy photographers.

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