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2019 Ford Expedition New Redesign Concept

2019 Ford Expedition New Redesign Concept

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2019 Ford Expedition New Redesign Concept
2019 Ford Expedition

2019 Ford Expedition New Redesign Concept

For a long time, Ford Expedition was forgotten perhaps, even forgotten. The last redesign in 2007, the SUV received no attention until 2015, when Dearborn was willing to drop the 3.5-liter Ecoboost under the hood as part of its lightest refreshment. It’s okay, the “C’s degree” approach is compared to Ford’s leading full-line and three-row Ford line of distributors.

After years of following the same old Expedition, saving some light updates here and there, the largest Ford SUV finally got a full redesign for 2018. This redo includes a new look, a powerful new engine, more spacious seating space, and more again. With this redesign still fresh, we hope nothing changes when Ford Expedition 2019 debut.

Appear-wise, The redesigned expedition has a more Explorer-like front end and headlights, a flat roofline, sharper body lines, and more. With the 2019 Expedition expected to be a carryover, do not look for changes in its appearance. The same ring also applies to the interior, which also gets a new look to follow with the second and third class legs of the first class, wireless charging, USB port in every line, and more.

Those who need more space can also choose Max Expedition Max-wheelbase. This adds up to 16.9 cubic feet of cargo space to this already cargo SUV. Max is available in all three Expedition trims: XLT, Limited, and Platinum are very complete.

2019 Ford Expedition Interior
2019 Ford Expedition Interior

But as a student who realizes “C’s earning a degree” is not a viable career strategy, Ford Expedition 2019 has arrived. This, without a small margin, the most competitive SUV from Dearborn recently, a monster of vehicles filled with power, capability, technology, and flexibility. This Ford vehicle that was supposed to be introduced in 2015 was a vehicle that had to scare General Motors.

This is also an evolution of one of Ford’s most successful products, the F-150 2018, borrowing the revised powertrain and the aluminum-intensive construction of the truck, but also pairing it with a feature SUV that has made Explorer in the family drives for decades.

2019 Ford Expedition Engine Specs

The 3.5-liter, twin-turbocharged V-6 works with the 10-speed automatic developed with GM to motivate the big three rowers. Packing up to 400 horsepower and 480 pound-feet of torque in Platinum trim or 375 hp and 470 lb-ft on XL, XLT and Limited trims, Expedition is roughly the same as the F-150-difference in output between the truck and the SUV can be ignored unless you are talking about the F-150 Raptor.

Ecoboost is a fantastic machine in this app, and the 10-auto speed stays on itself unless you really hammer the pedal, the same as I tested on the F-150 earlier this year. Like a truck, most throttle inputs produce a pleasant whistling sound from behind the hood when the 3.5-liter twin turbocharger spins. The sound was followed by a surge of power that allowed the Expedition to pass easily, even flipping through the entire football team in an expansive second and third row.

Like Explorer, Expedition got Terrain Management System which is not street oriented in Trim FX4, but we have not been able to report the model yet. Look for a more expansive report on this particular aspect of performance in The Car Connection.

While the Expedition has had a 3.5-liter Ecoboost since its last refresher, it feels more like a proof of concept. Adding more power and attaching advanced auto transmissions makes this iteration feel like a finished product, a powertrain in a full-size, three-dimensional, full-size SUV that feels innovative, exciting and capable as the first F-150 Ecoboost so many years ago. SUVs such as Expeditions may feel like dinosaurs, but compared to the V-8-powered monsters of General Motors, Toyota, and Nissan, Ford is much more developed in the breed.

And that fact shows in statistics. This Expedition vehicle is not only a fuel-efficient vehicle in its class, but also the most capable in terms of towing. Ford claims that more than half of its Expedition customers are dragging something regularly, and meeting that requirement is the best-of-class tow rating of 9,300 pounds, a figure equivalent to some large pickup trucks.

The 2019 Expedition’s powertrain juga harus tetap sama ketika menyentuh ruang pamer. Jika ini terbukti benar, cari itu datang dengan V6 3.5 liter dengan tenaga 400 tenaga kuda dan torsi 480 pound-feet. Penggerak roda belakang adalah pengaturan standar, sementara all-wheel drive adalah pilihan. Ini semua menambah kapasitas penarik 9.300 poundsterling, yang juga harus tetap sama di tahun 2019.

Tidak ada peringkat keselamatan IIHS pada Ekspedisi baru dulu, tapi kami membayangkan Ford menempatkan banyak pekerjaan untuk membuatnya sebisa mungkin terstruktur. Pengereman darurat otomatis yang tersedia juga membuatnya memenuhi syarat untuk mendapatkan peringkat Top Safety Pick + yang didambakan.

Pesaing dari Ford Expedition termasuk Toyota Sequoia, Chevy Suburban, dan GMC Yukon.

2019 Ford Expedition Release date dan Price

Meskipun tidak ada tanggal rilis resmi untuk Ekspedisi 2019, yang diperkirakan akan kami lihat adalah akhir tahun 2018. Dengan tidak adanya perubahan dalam pekerjaan, kami memperkirakan harga Ekspedisi 2019 tetap sama dengan model saat ini, yang berkisar antara $ 52,890 sampai $ 76, 5959 (termasuk biaya tujuan).

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