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2019 Ford Bronco Concept Car

2019 Ford Bronco Concept Car

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2019 Ford Bronco Concept
Image Source: Bronco6g.com

2019 Ford Bronco Concept Car

A new report found the family’s Ford is focused on the development of an off-roader with the new Ranger and the long-awaited successor to Bronco that was removed nearly 20 years ago.

Sources close to the Blue Oval to the trade journal Automotive News that the executive is seriously considering bringing new Ranger pickup truck back to the United States because the F-150, Model bread-and-butter of the company, has been gradually getting bigger and more expensive. Currently sold in more than 200 global markets, Ranger will slot below the F-150 in terms of price and it will be a smaller size, but will retain its rugged construction bigger brother’s body-on-frame.

Speculation is rife that the legendary Ford Bronco ready for a comeback before 2020, giving the Blue Oval rival next-generation Jeep Wrangler. When it comes to underutilized cult classic, badge Bronco to be up there. And given the current trend for SUVs of all stripes, rebirth should certainly satisfy the buyers and brain bean-counters alike.

But what may be a 2019 Ford Bronco looks like? new friends in Bronco6G have come up with a nice rendering, at least, is the fan-art equivalent of a popcorn movie. If the US team Ford came up with something even half badarse like this, we humbly suggest they will have buyers all over the world line up. Especially if you follow Mustang Bronco route and create a new global cars in both left and right-drive configurations.

In the words of the creators: “2019 Ford Bronco Concept, we blends styling elements from the previous generation Bronco, Bronco concept in 2004, and the modern Ford trucks and SUVs”. “You could see the lights of classic round and square inset front grille evolved from one gene Bronco, which was also exhibited in 2004 Bronco concept of retro-futuristic.

2019 Ford Bronco Rendered
Image Source: Bronco6g.com

“Our concept has a body that is modern in the frame next generation Bronco maintain a high, boxy, tough, no-frills design with a strong focus on utility and off-road capability. We fitted a separate version with the grilles are different, the shape of the wheel fender, variable ride height, and a cargo rack for a few different looks. “

As we recently reported, Ford has been signposted plans to launch four brand-new SUV models such as the new badges for a range of global in 2020. Speculation is rife that the Bronco, may be based on the (left-drive only) new aluminum-bodied F- Series, is one in the pipeline.

2019 Ford Bronco
Image Source: Bronco6g.com

Ducks lined up. Wrangler is to a large degree Jeep bring good luck, while over the next pool (and the softer, non-body-on-frame) Land Rover Defender is being set for a 2018 release. stage, in other words, is regulated. When asked about Bronco reborn in Chicago last week, Ford vice president of marketing, sales and service Mark LaNeve smiled and said: “This is a big name board”.

2019 Ford Bronco Interior

In addition to filling a hole in the Ford lineup, the new Ranger will allow the Blue Oval to jump in a new compact truck segment resurrection which is currently dominated by the Toyota Tacoma and Chevrolet Colorado / GMC Canyon twins. Ford has not competed in since the last segment of the US-spec Ranger was sent to a cutting board in 2011.

Details about the Bronco nameplate made famous by O.J. Simpson in 1994 a little more clear. It is expected to be an evolution of Everest SUV that is based on the Ranger and also sold in overseas markets, but will feature a shorter wheelbase and is likely to be launched as a two-door model. Designed for buyers who want a serious off-roader, Bronco will be aimed at the Jeep Wrangler.

If they are given the green light for production, Ranger and Bronco could be built at Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant in operation on the outskirts of Detroit. The catch is that the current factory churns out Focus and C-Max, and do not have enough extra capacity to build a fourth model let alone third.

Production of the C-Max and Focus rumored to be ending in 2018, which is when the Ranger is scheduled to arrive. This period of time shows that we most likely will not get the same model (pictured) that Ford sold around the world.

2019 Ford Bronco Engine Specs

Although Bronco almost certainly be sharing chassis of the Ranger, we are fine with this as a Ranger (now sold almost everywhere else) are off-road vehicles are adequate. With Ford produces powerful machines as they make us feel confident that the new 2020 Ford Bronco will be able to meet capacity and performance (and hopefully removable roof). Rendering old Ford Bronco Concept Vehicle Production will likely be based on the Ford Ranger Chassis.

2020 Ford Bronco
Image Source: Bronco6g.com

And although there are many automotive tabloid Bronco deny future visits here (they have since confirmed Bronco will happen), we are pleased to announce that the people have spoken. Enough so that Ford has listened to all when it comes time to discuss the future of this vehicle. So thanks to all of our readers and commentators to make your voice heard and share your interests (or interested) in the USA the possibility of a new Ranger and Bronco.

We’re glad we were able 4 × 4 here, making it more available to the market better. Instead the company sissifying or cessation of production such as 4 × 4 Nissan did with Pathfinder and Xterra, we see that a company like Ford are still willing to produce rig off road. We hope that Ford and Jeep went into the match ssing Bronco / Wrangler p !!

2019 Ford Bronco Release Date and Price

Ford will make an investment of $ 700 million were re-tool their Michigan assembly plant to produce US specification 2018 Ford Ranger and Ford Bronco in 2020. This is the plan while Ford and the UAW have to come to terms on the whole deal. The total investment of $ 9000000000 on the table in part will help keep 8500 workers working in the Michigan Assembly Plant itself and invested in 21 other facilities around the country saving and extending thousands of jobs.

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