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2018 Ford Gran Torino GT (Cobra) Concept Pictures

2018 Ford Gran Torino GT (Cobra) Concept Pictures

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2018 FordTorino GT
2018 FordTorino GT

2018 Ford Gran Torino GT (Cobra) Concept Pictures

Torino GT is not even a consumer car. People often confuse it with ordinary Torino, or Gran Torino. The cars were meant for the public. Not so with Torino GT.

The original 2018 Torino GT (Cobra) is basically a NASCAR racing prototype. The engine has a 7.0 liter engine, which if you do not know anything about cars, is too big for normal use. For example, pick up the biggest and most heavy pickup truck Ford made. That’s Platinum F-450. It can attract more than 31,000 lbs, which is 16 ton tall. It has a 6.7 liter V8 Turbo Diesel. Which is still smaller than the Torino GT 7.0-liter engine. 

That’s because 2018 Ford Torino is a stock car. Needed to win the NASCAR race. Do the average person in America need a NASCAR winning vehicle to pick up the cereal? Besides Jerry Seinfeld, we do not think so.

NASCAR engines today are limited to only 5.8 liters. The top Mustang Shelby GT350R, has a 5.2 liter engine, and we believe that if Ford really wants to erode the ceiling of a NASCAR competitor, they can do it if they have not.

Sorry to be Debbie-downer, but this is one of the setbacks we do not see happen. Now that you’ve closed down, take a look at everything Ford has today! We have made great strides since the 70s. Schedule a meeting with one of our experts today to check what’s new.

Quite difficult to reach the Ford GT. This ultra exclusive model is sold out in the next four years, which happens to be the life cycle of the supercar. It is said, Ford plans to build only 1000 GT examples, which only 250 units per year. So yes, getting this Ford Torino GT at the end of the game is almost impossible. Imagine what the odds will be then now Ford has released a special color for 2018 Ford GT model. Yes. I do not like your chances more than I like.

2018 Ford Torino GT 67 Heritage Edition
2018 Ford Torino GT 67 Heritage Edition

Ford’s new treatment for future GT owners is called ’67 Heritage Edition. If the name itself sounds foreign, it’s because Ford has released something similar last year. Remember ’66 Heritage Edition? This is almost the same as the ’67 version in which they were inspired, but in the end, in fact they are two different interpretations because the new version paid homage to Shelby-American Inc. who won Le Mans 1967. the team featuring AJ Foyt and Dan Gurney. Given Ford’s success in Le Mans with the original GT40 spanning four years, we can be in two more legacy editions in 2018 and 2019. For now, this spotlight is focused on ’67 Heritage Edition and the way it is treated. inspired straight from the GT40 that picked up the checkered flag during the 1967 Le Mans season.

For the record, Ford Torino GT is quite special on his own skin. I think everyone agrees with that sentiment. This limited status has already talked to it, let alone the fact that the car is based on Ford’s most famous sports car in history, excluding the Ford Mustang. So how do you make something special more special again? Well, you give it an exclusive color.

This is the story of Ford GT ‘67 Heritage Edition. There was no aero or engine tone to talk about, just a fancy dress-up that paid homage to the 1967 red-white Ford GT40 that won the 24 Hours of Le Mans that year.

In line with that spirit, the Ford Torino GT 2018 is well dressed with a lightweight Red Cat finishing balanced by white striping that runs along the car, from the nose of the car to the large rear spoiler. The oval shield also includes a “1” bearing on the hood and car door. There is no surprise that this specific number is chosen because it is the same number that the GT40 1967 racer uses. Additional white accents on fenders and doors, as well as the use of exposed carbon packs and a set of 20 inch aluminum wheels with a silver satin finish, complete the exterior aesthetic look of the car .

Ford’s exterior treatment at ‘2018 Ford Torino GT is very similar to its predecessor’s design, ’66 Heritage Edition, in part because both hearts basically pay homage to the same achievement: winning Le Mans.

The only difference is that the car that GT40 1966 racing car is showing black paint with racing silver lines. Not surprisingly, then, that the GT ’66 Heritage Edition was dressed up in the Shadow Black with silver racing lines and oval shields. 2.

2018 Ford Torino GT Interior

2018 Ford Torino GT Interior
2018 Ford Torino GT Interior

Steps inside the Ford Torino GT cabin and red use continue in the form of accent stitching in a black leather dominated cabin. The seat is also made of carbon fiber now, just like the steering wheel. Then there is a wicker seat belt, which also has a red color, while a paddle shifter is treated to a great finish. Take a closer look at the interior space and you will also see satin stainless steel applications on a number of parts in the car and exposure to carbon fiber in the center console, door frames and air safety pods. And like ’66 Heritage Edition, the new ‘Torino GT’ version also gets a unique serial identification plate that can identify ’67 Heritage Edition ‘properly for such special edition models, as if the car itself is not special. just by itself. Because we’re here, might as well compare it to the interior of ’66 Heritage Edition, right? Again, the similarities are abundant in inspiration despite the different treatment. Last year’s special edition Ford Gran Torino GT (Cobra) featured carbon fiber seats wrapped in Ebony skin with hammer inserts and plod-through seams. Likewise, the instrument panel, pillar, and headliner are also equipped with Ebony leather wrap while gold is used as a trim on instrument panel, X-brace clasps and shift paddles. The exposed matte carbon fiber door frames and serial identification plates complement the upgraded interior edition of the Warisan Edition model last year.

 2018 Ford Torino GT Engine Specs

On the performance side, everything remains in stock conditions so do not expect any power upgrades from ‘Ford Gran Torino GT (Cobra), just like on last year’s special edition model. That should not be a problem in the big scheme considering the Ford GT itself is packing a 3.5-liter licensed EcoBoost V-6 engine that pumps 647 horsepower and 550 pound-feet of torque. All power is sent to two rear wheels with seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. No performance time is announced, but the expectation is the Ford GT can run from 0 to 60 mph in less than three seconds before enlarging a top speed of 216 mph.

 2018 Ford Torino GT Release Date and Price

Ford has not said how many Ford Torino GT models it offers to them with pre-order existing Ford GT. Likewise, the cost of acquiring one of the Heritage Edition units has not been announced yet, but given the “Ford GT” standard has cost $ 450,000 without any options, adding all these options could at least make the customer return at least $ 50,000 more.

This is an interesting question that now has more weight for it considering Ford has released one for the second year in a row. If the trend continues to create the Ford GT Heritage Edition for each year Le Mans is dominantly run in the late 1960s, we can be in store for two more of these beauties in 2018 and 2019.

If that happens, it is likely now that Ford has tipped the model ’68 and ’69 Heritage Edition to display a different interpretation of the iconic Martini Racing colors used by John Wyer Automotive Engineering’s racing team in the next two years. it’s back-to-back in Le Mans with Ford Torino GT40.

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