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2018 Ford Falcon Supercars Replacement

2018 Ford Falcon Supercars Replacement

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2018 Ford Falcon Supercars Replacement
2018 Ford Falcon Supercars

2018 Ford Falcon Supercars Replacement

Prodrive Racing Australia will assess the suitability of the Mustang as a Supercars body shape at the start of the new year, with 2018 likely to be the last year of the Ford Falcon. PRA, one of two Ford teams left on the Supercars grid, has a reason to continue pushing the brand’s product, despite the lack of factory support, thanks to Tickford’s adjustment company, owned and run by PRA team boss Tim Edwards and owner of Rod Nash.

Part of that goal includes thinking beyond the end of the 2018 season, and into an era where Ford Falcon FG X will not be the latest sales product in Ford’s ranks. As a direct result, PRA has been working towards a replacement bodyshape for the 2018 Supercar season. And while there has not been a definite decision, Ford’s future model in the Supercars should become clear internally at least quite earlier this year, to give it enough time to develop a new aero package.

Of course we’re thinking about it, and of course the DJR Penske’s team is thinking about it, “Edwards told Motorsport.com.But that was one thing to think about, and someone else was able to do it, have permission to do it.there’s all. which should be considered, not as easy as saying ‘we want to race next season’s Mustang’, click our fingers, and it happens.

This is the conversation we need to face with Ford, and we need to cope with the category because there is a homology of a two-door car, which has never been done. There are 100 hurdles that need to be passed before we can do that.

Yes, we race Ford Falcons next year. Yes, we have to consider what we will race in 2018. But there’s a lot going on before we can ascertain what we’re doing.

While the transition to a new bodyshape is very likely to occur in the 2018 season, but not yet set in stone. Edwards says that the option to send the 2018 Ford Falcon FG Xs around 2018 does exist, although it will never happen before to become a Ford Falcon racing that is not available for purchase.

Remember that we are running FG for five years, and this is only the second year for FG X, “he said.” It’s not like we race some car dates.

Rather interesting that this car is no longer produced, because the sport has never faced before. And obviously you face issues of relevance at some point in time. But we’re doing all this now.

The 2018 Ford Mustang is not the only bodyshape to be rated by PRA, with Ford Mondeo and Ford Focus also being considered. But the Ford Mustang will make a lot of sense, from the point of view of a fun person, and as a marketing tool for the Tickford business, which currently sells customized Ford Rangers, but also sells customized Ford Mustang in the future.

2018 Mustang Bullitt Concept
Image Source: caranddriver.com

There are other options. But Ford Mustang is the only person who is more emotional, that’s what fans always ask, “said Edwards.

Exercise only exists because of his fans, and if you go and do a poll with all the fans out there about what Ford products you think Prodrive and DJR have to race, I think we know the answer.

I think we need to listen to them. But, as I said, it’s not as simple as deciding what we want to do. There are many stakeholders who have opinions.

FORD will not have a replacement for locally made Falcon sedans when production at Broadmeadows ends in October. The staggering move means Ford will have a big gap in its showroom, leaving the company at odds with Holden and Toyota, who will switch seamlessly to the import model.

Holden will look for small hatchbacks and large sedans from Europe to replace locally made Cruze and Commodore, while Toyota will bring Camry from overseas when both Australian plants close by the end of 2018.

Ford informed its nationwide dealer network on Tuesday that it would not have a direct replacement of the 2018 Ford falcon, a favorite supercar for the past 12 years.

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