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New Ford Mustang Coming With N/A 7.0L V8 Engines in 2019

New Ford Mustang Coming With N/A 7.0L V8 Engines in 2019

New Ford Mustang Coming With N/A 7.0L V8 Engines in 2019 – Welcome to the Fordredesigns.com site, if you want to finding information about the latest Ford car brand, then you are at the right website, here we will share information about the New Ford Mustang Coming With N/A 7.0L V8 Engines in 2019 ranging from; Rumors, Reviews, Redesign, Specs, Concept, Exterior, Interior, price, Release date and Pictures. We hope this website can help satisfy your search.

2019 Ford Mustang GT500
2019 Ford Mustang GT500

New Ford Mustang Coming With N/A 7.0L V8 Engines in 2019

Ford is working on a new Shelby Mustang! Maybe. Around the internet car, we’ve seen photos of the new Mustang spies and roar that are hotter and the name of Shelby GT500 is being brewed. Indeed, what we know for sure is that Ford is testing some prototype Mustang based on Shelby GT350.

We do not know what this prototype is, what drives them, or whether it is an indication that something is cool that is going into production. But, there are many rumors to be ignored, so we collect everything here. And while we do not know what this Mustang will be called (if it reaches production, its meaning), we will call it the Ford Mustang GT500 from now on.

2019 Ford Mustang GT seen as Ford’s answer to Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 650 hp and Dodge Challenger Hellcat 707-hp, so everyone predicts it will produce a great V8. Looks like nobody approves the V8 type. As shown by our co-workers in Car and Driver, the new twin-turbo V8 and supercharged V8 have drifted as many GT500 engines as possible.

Car and Driver also reports that the Mustang GT500 will likely get two transmission options, a six-speed manual or a new 10-speed automatic car developed between Ford and GM. Ford is already using this gearbox in the F-150 and Mustang 2018, and interestingly, it is also available in the most obvious GT500 rival, the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1.

Ford also tested the new Mustang GT against intense competition. Motor Trend sees a GT500 test in Arizona with the Camaro ZL1, which seems to be a clear target. After all, the previous-gen Mustang GT500 and Camaro ZL1, both supercharged brute, squared back in 2012.

2019 Ford Mustang Pictures
New Ford Mustang Pictures

The less obvious competitor for the 2019 Ford Mustang GT500 is the Porsche 911 GT3, but interestingly, Mustang6G.com photographed a Ford benchmarking one near its headquarters in Michigan. This does not mean Ford is trying to build a rival GT3 though. Cars often become the benchmark of other cars just to learn one or two specific elements. Although it makes us wonder about the intent of GT500, because it is considered more as a special pull strip than a race car.

The cover may have just been lifted to one of the world’s most powerful muscle car secrets: the identity of the powerplant under the upcoming Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 awning. The new Mustang character is still in development but a photograph allegedly portraying the part of his engine bay has appeared on the Mustang6G forum thanks to Super Werty members.

It shows what might be a housing for the supercharger, and the above is a “5.2 L” inscription along with the famous Ford Mustang Cobra snake logo. Also on the Mustang6G forum is a document that regulates engine oil requirements for some Ford Motor models for 2020 and one of the above mentioned machines is with the 7.0L V8 engine for the proposed “Mustang GT500.” The oil requirement stated in the car is 5W50.

And one additional item contained in the forum is a photo of what is suspected as front disc brakes and caliper Ford Mustang Cobra 2019. Prepared preparations have large steel discs and Brembo calipers. Crucially, this is definitely bigger than the brake installation that is on the Mustang Shelby GT350, which shows some serious stop power is in store for Mustang flagship.

2019 Ford Mustang Interior

You can only guess the kind of interior offered by the new Ford Mustang GT500. Without exception the sport seats, this car will be spacious enough for four passengers, but maybe with the back seat a little narrow as happens in sports cars. An attractive cabin is expected and its safety should be at its highest level. We look forward to a modern style with some retro features and high quality materials. Steering wheels tend to be flat and there is the possibility of installing a touch screen in the center of the instrument cluster. If we remember the GT530 once more and the fact that it has an aluminum trim indicator light and a unique shift shown on the windshield, nothing can be expected from the new Ford Mustang Cobra.

2019 Ford Mustang Engine Specs

A few weeks ago we all but made sure Ford is working on a 5.28 liter supercharged “Predator” engine for the upcoming 2019 Mustang Shelby GT500. A single image of the machine, though with some without details, leaked thanks to those at Mustang6g.com. Today, the same source has revealed what appears to be two CAD diagrams of Predator V8 coming directly from Ford itself. Mustang6G has a forum member who somehow grabbed the picture. So, what’s there to see right now?

2019 Ford Mustang Engine Specs
2019 Ford Mustang Engine Specs

First, it’s not just a regular 5.2-liter supercharged V8. Members of the forum, after closer inspection, realized the 2015 GT500 V8 engine, in accordance with the website, “is mistakenly used when making this diagram because of incorrect use of wires on the picture.It looks as though the image has a GT350 cable utilizing above the GT500 engine because you can see the cable through the supercharger intercooler in several places while the throttle position sensor connector is floating in space. “One last thing to take Note: the embossed Cobra emblem on the engine cover, which we first noticed earlier this month, is also in this CAD drawing . It does not exist on the GT350 V8.

Ford has managed to keep things relatively quiet about the Mustang Shelby GT500, which is likely to be (though unconfirmed) in Detroit in just a few weeks. We’ve heard this awesome Mustang will produce 680 hp power and 630 lb-ft of torque. GT350, just to compare, has a 526 hp and 429 lb-ft of torque.

2019 Ford Mustang Release Date and Price

The new Ford Mustang GT500 is now expected to arrive in 2018, as a 2019 model. Based on the latest information, we can expect the car to pack a 5.2-liter supercharged V-8 that is likely linked to a naturally aspirated 5.2-liter V-8 in GT350. Rumor shows a supercharged engine version will feature a more conventional cross-plane crank instead of a flat aircraft atmo unit.

Breakdowns for pricing have not yet been announced and the rumored machines include a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission borrowed from the Ford GT supercar, 20-inch wheels with 315-millimeter tires on the back, and a power output of close to 800 horsepower. Wait for the next news update, thank you.

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