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2021 Ford Fusion Redesign and Changes

2021 Ford Fusion Redesign and Changes

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2021 Ford Fusion
2021 Ford Fusion

2021 Ford Fusion Redesign and Changes

FORD introduced the Fusion Hybrid vehicle automation development of the next generation, just in time for CES and the North American International Auto Show in January. This new vehicle using autonomous vehicle platforms Ford today, but the increases processing power with new computer hardware.

Electrical control of Ford’s now closer again with production-ready, and better adjustments against the car’s sensor technology (including its placement) allowed him to see what is around them more effectively. The new LiDAR sensor design is slimmer than ever and have a field of vision is more directional, so Ford now can only use two sensors that contrary to the previous ones they use.

Ford said that censorship is as effective as possible and collect data four times. In addition to the autonomous vehicle platforms are enhanced by Ford, they also update the virtual driver system, the giant American car that moves closer to the car that was driving the car.

Development of autonomous vehicle next-gen 2021 Ford Fusion Hybrid follows the company’s current generation, which hit the streets three years ago. Search Ford to build a vehicle capacity of SAE level 4 high power high level in the year 2021 have seen them doubling the production team in Silicon Valley.

In addition Ford says that they are currently working with over 40 technologies to increase their automation technology. Ford has pulled the wrapping from the second generation of Fusion Hybrid drivers without just one week before the company is scheduled to show his car at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The most notable difference with the new generation is Ford cosmetics have a series of stylish sensor pipe organ on the roof of a supportive look slimmer. The first autonomous car Ford undeniably familiar, but from most angles, a new version that could be easily misinterpreted simply to another car.

In addition to the new car, Ford also said it would design three times a fleet Ford Fusion sedan 2021 without drivers for around 90 cars in the coming year. The company is already testing an autonomous car originally in California, Arizona and Michigan, and plans to expand the test to Europe which started with the United Kingdom and Germany. “The company plans to have about 90 autonomous car at 2017”

Ford says that the improvements that have been made against this project, which began three years ago, must remain on track to achieve the target companies in creating fully autonomous cars that can be used by the service motorcyclists or go up in the year 2021.

Chris Brewer, chief engineer for Ford Fusion vehicle automation program, detail the technology behind a new computer-controlled cars in a post on the Medium. Brewer says his team improve the hardware and software on a Fusion without a new driver, which allows this car version to “see” two football fields located in all directions. The second generation Ford autonomous cars will also produce one terabyte of data per hour, and the data is processed by the brain of a car, which is located in the trunk.

Ford Fusion 2021 without the driver without a safety net is the result of a number of investments and acquisitions done Ford around the time the company announced its intention to create a fully autonomous cars by the year 2021. Brewer said that one reason Ford can streamline the look of this new car is new from Velodyne LIDAR sensors owned by industrial giant Ford and China’s Baidu who invested $150 million has improved enough so that Ford can get as many data by using two of them like their usual use.

Ford has shown the first pictures from self-driving a Ford Fusion Hybrid 2021 with more powerful computers and sensors are integrated better. This uses an upgraded version of the Fusion Hybrid platform, supported by hardware self-driving, a new computer and a new electrical control “near the production-ready,” the company said in a press release. It’s also packing unit LIDAR low profile seems to be a model of “Puck” from Velodyne, a company in which the company recently invested $150 million.

Camera and bit more seamlessly installed in the roof, creating hybrids less “Hey, look at me, I was driving his own car” than other models. Instead, the last autonomous Fusion model used since 2013 featuring no less than four units of large LIDAR. Ford was able to cut the number to two, while still giving the vehicle a wider and better targeted vision. A hefty computer installed in the trunk.

The new Fusion is a step towards a “high level, fully autonomous SAE level 4-capable vehicles in 2021,” a goal Ford revealed earlier this year. (SAE 4-level cars are fully autonomous in the geographical zone that is assigned as the campus, while level 5 means a vehicle can drive anywhere by itself.) The car maker plans to build 90 vehicles and test it in Arizona, California and the next Mr. a couple of years.

2021 Ford Fusion Engine Specs

Ford will show off the vehicle test automation Fusion Hybrid that is updated at CES in Las Vegas this month. This car is equipped with new computer hardware processing power better.

Three years ago, the car manufacturer introduced the first generation of automation with four leading sensor that is mounted on the roof. Although the new vehicle are on the same platform, but it looks a bit sleeker because right now only have two sensors are LiDAR and not four. The sensor, which is located in front of the pillars, the total amount of data received is the same as before, and the same size of a hockey puck.

Ford said that adjustment against a second placement of these sensors allows the car to see their surroundings better. In fact, now they can see the length of two football pitches in all directions. LiDAR sensors, and radar sensor circuit short and long distances, supplementing the three camera mounted unobtrusively on the second roof rack, and a front-facing camera that is hidden under the windshield. Then there is the “autonomous vehicle brain” which is located in the trunk, count data. Ford says that the computer generates 1 terabyte of data every hour, more than commonly used data on the phone for 45 years.

2021 Ford Fusion Interior

2021 Ford Fusion Interior
2021 Ford Fusion Interior

2021 Ford Fusion Pictures

2021 Ford Fusion Pictures
2021 Ford Fusion Pictures

2021 Ford Fusion Release date and Price

Earlier this year, Ford pledged to offer a fully autonomous vehicles in high volume in the year 2021. These cars, designed to share ride service, not including the pedal or steering wheel. Ford did not envision the technology launched into an individual customer until a few years after 2021 because of the high cost. Electrical controls on the Ford Fusion Hybrid is approaching production-ready, the car maker said. Test the new autonomous Ford car will debut at CES January 3, before heading to the Detroit Auto Show next week.

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