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2021 Ford Fiesta will get new versions of the car announced

2021 Ford Fiesta will get new versions of the car announced

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2021 Ford Fiesta Pictures
2021 Ford Fiesta Pictures

2021 Ford Fiesta will get new versions of the car announced

Ford recently introduced Fiesta revised comprehensively, but news of model ST is very performance-oriented is not present. As it turned out, the next Ford Fiesta ST is still about a year to do his debut. The wait will be worth it, according to insiders. St will get a face-lift with the same variant of the Fiesta, and will receive a more aggressive body kit in an effort to stand out from the model ST-the newly launched Line (pictured) is more shows than go. Two and four-door models again will be offered.

The blue Oval will not deviate too much from the formula that has made the Ford Fiesta 2021 is currently one of the best heat-preserved models on the market. The revised model will likely run with a four-cylinder 1.6 liter turbocharged, but will be adjusted to develop more than 182 horses that it generates under the hood of the current model. It is not possible to break the barriers of 200-horsepower, however, and engineers say is unnecessary.

More fun doesn’t necessarily mean more power, “stated Tyrone Johnson, engineer in charge of developing the model Ford Fiesta ST and Ford RS Performance, in an interview with the publication of the Netherlands AutoRAI.” Fiesta ST is not currently the most powerful car in its class, but this is definitely one of the best to drive. That’s what we want to achieve. Our goal is to build cars with the best and best handling in this segment.

Johnson hinted at the Fiesta ST will borrow some features of the Focus RS, though shoppers hoping to see Fiesta 4 wheels with drift mode will be disappointed. Hot kicks Ford the least is expected to receive three of the four drivers mode can be chosen by the riders of RS. Each mode will modify parameters such as steering and throttle response and suspension firmness.

Fiesta Fiesta crowded at this time there is nothing in the pipeline, though that does not mean it will not happen in the long run. In the end, it comes down to making money and setting priorities. Focus RS is more important for developed than Fiesta RS, “explained Joe Bakaj, Ford’s Vice President of product development of Europe.” Looking ahead, never say no, he added.

Fiesta ST will then be introduced by the end of 2019, and production is scheduled to begin in early 2020. For us, it means there are most likely will not arrive in showrooms until the year 2021 model. When 3 equals 4? When you turbocharge 3. That’s the philosophy of the Ford Fiesta ST of the next generation, which unfolds this week at the Geneva car show 2017.

2021 Ford Fiesta
2021 Ford Fiesta

2021 Ford Fiesta Engine Specs

The most noticeable change is the switch from the 1.6 liter 4 cylinder 1.5 liter engine to a turbocharged 3-cylinder turbocharged. The power stayed the same at 197 horses, but you must make sure that cylinder 3 is lighter and it means more fun. Ford quotes a 0 to 62 mph time of 6.7 seconds, which is approximately half a second faster than the current car.

The all-aluminum 3-cylinder it has some pretty cool technology. This will be the first cylinder 3 machines in the industry with cylinder deactivation, turning out one cylinder under the condition of light load. Ford says that the system can release or release the cylinder back in 14 milliseconds. It will come with both port and direct fuel injection, variable cam timing and twin-independent.

The exhaust manifold is also integrated into the head, increasing efficiency by helping achieve the optimum temperature of the engine more quickly, and minimize the distance between the cylinder gas exhaust and turbocharger.

Also new to ST are the three drive modes: Normal, Sport, and Track. Mode adjust the behavior of the engine, steering, stability control, and the sound of the exhaust. Talking about the sound, Ford said that ST has new Electronic Sound Enhancement and exhaust valve are actively to strengthen the desired 3 exhaust note, which can be heard in the accompanying video.

The cars will also come with electronic stability control system with settings for the three modes of intervention full width slip mode, with limited intervention, and deactivation. To improve cornering, ST will present with torque vectoring brake.-based Ford so far haven’t made the claim so far about how powerful or strong body structure.

2021 Ford Fiesta Interiors

In 2021, the Ford Fiesta will feature Recaro bucket seats and a flat-bottom steering wheel. Ford’s Sync infotainment system with 8.0-inch touch screen and the compatibility of Apple and Android Auto Car Play will be available, as well as Bang Olufsen & audio system. Ford says it will also offer a variety of options to personalize. Buyers will be able to choose the trim for the steering wheel, shifter, door pulls, and dashboard decorative Spears, and choose from a variety of styling package.

2021 Ford Fiesta release date and price

Third-generation Ford Fiesta ST (we only have one generation in the U.S.) will go on sale in Europe in the year 2019 as the model 2020/2021 in the body style hatchback two-and four-door. Exterior highlights include mesh grilles, paint color Liquid Blue, and new 18 inches wheels. Expect an announcement about the U.S. version at a later date, perhaps only as a four-door.

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