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2018 Ford KA+ Reviews

2018 Ford KA+ Reviews

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2018 Ford KA+ Reviews
2018 Ford KA+ Reviews

2018 Ford KA + Reviews

Especially with the original, Ford forged itself with the reputation of a smart and fashionable city car that pulled everyone from young riders to cars after the price of a second car. It is a formula that has enjoyed 530,000 sales over the past 20 years. And now we have this new Ka Plus, despite sharing its name and occupying the same position in the Ford ranks, according to Ford it certainly is not a substitute for old Ka. Confused? You are not the only one.

In fact the new Ford Ka is part of Ford’s latest World Car strategy. The downside of the process is that British buyers get a new car that is actually two years old, but the plus side is that it will charge a starting price of just £ 8,995.

2018 Ford KA Plus
2018 Ford KA Plus

That means it will compete with budget end market like Vauxhall Viva and Suzuki Celerio. This is a smart move considering the emerging car market trend at this level but continuing the name Ka, which is far from this version, will certainly cause some heads scraped in Ford showrooms among buyers.

The ethos continues with the Ford Ka style, the most conservative and the worst of which is really ugly. We do not mind the front but the flat back is visible from some angles like in the shunt and certainly not the best view.

2018 Ford KA + Engine Specifications

Under the hood the Ford Ka + is a choice of two 1.2 liter engines, with 70bhp or 85bhp. The latter manages 0 to 60mph running in 13.3 seconds which relaxes and cruises to a top speed of 105mph, while the former is even slower at 15.3 seconds and 99mph.

Both return the average fuel economy of emissions of 56.6mpg and 114g / km, both of which are not good enough. Both Viva and Celerio mentioned below are under 100g / km and the latter is available with stop-start which is not even available as an option on the 2018 Ford Ka Plus

On the road, the good news is that the driving experience may not be as bad as the quote shows on paper. At urban speed, the engine is quite refined and the five speed gearbox has a pretty slick change.

However, on a fast road, things start to get over as the engine runs out of sound earlier than you thought even on a stronger 85bhp version and becomes booming if you work harder. This is the same story in it.

Although there is little error in building quality, there are lots of cheap plastic around the cabin and fast buttons, graphics and even the old Sync infotainment system that already feels old.

It’s frustrating that the steering wheel only adjusts to the high and does not reach, but most of the rivals are similar. Aux and USB sockets are foreseeable, but no Apple Carplay or Android Auto are expected young buyers after their first car.

Regardless of Ford‘s pledge a few years ago that all of its cars have DAB digital radio as standard, though not in the entry level Studio version. There is plenty of storage space around the cabin with glass holders in the transmission tunnel and large door pockets as well.

2018 Ford KA + Interior

Plus there’s plenty of space in the front and back, and in the back there’s certainly the best match or beat in the class for head and legroom. At the equipment level, Zetec gets air conditioning and help starting up hills as well as a travel computer and, a bit strange for city car, cruise control.

However, no car or wiper lights and Ford’s front windshield with a heater is not even an option. In the end, the fact is that many of Ka’s rivals are smoother and more prepared at a cheaper price.

2018 Ford KA Interior
2018 Ford KA Interior

Although many cars at this level are purchased with the strength of the monthly payment rate, even the headline of £ 129 a month does not look great compared to the available rivals of £ 99. As a budget car, it offers a great size for money but other rivals offer more value and price the lower one.

Younger drivers tend to want digital radio only on Zetec or Nokia which is more sporty with Android Auto and Apple Carplay. Not long ago, the blue oval produced a car that actually led the class and broke its mold.

Instead, this new Ka Plus has no resemblance to its predecessor who has the same name and can not compete with existing rivals, let alone who will come. This car is not without some advantages but Ford buyers hope and deserve it better. And so it should be.

2018 Ford KA + Release Date and Price

2018 Ford KA + goes on sale in the near future, with prices starting at € 10,000. Like the first generation, this car is made and designed by Ford. However, it was designed for the Brazilian market and then adapted for India. The car uses the same chassis as the older Fiesta MK6, a car that was released more than 14 years ago. It uses the exact same suspension components, similar engines and similar layouts. Unlike all previous Ka models, this one has five doors. This is great for those looking for more practicality. However, it’s not that great for regular customers. It is similarly priced Fiesta. Ka Plus will start at € 10,000 while the Fiesta will start at € 11,000.

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